We’re Hiring Notary Publics Across The U.S.

If you’re a qualified notary public, we’d like to hear from you!

Supreme Notary Service is a nationwide mobile notary network servicing businesses and individuals across the United States. If you’re an authorized notary with valid credentials, you’re invited to apply to join our network today!


At Supreme Notary Service, all network notaries are independent contractors. To be eligible to work as a Supreme Mobile Notary, you must meet the following criteria before you can apply:


Many states require a notary public to be bonded. To comply with State and Federal laws, all Supreme Notary Service contractors are required to be bonded.


Independent Contractors for Supreme Notary Service are required to hold insurance up to ______, or the amount defined by their state, whichever is greater.

Clear Background Check

Independent Contractors are required to have a background check prior to boarding with Supreme Notary Service. Backgrounds should be absent of any ______convictions

Valid Commission Number

As with any other license, you are required to keep your notary commission current and in good standing for a continued working relationship with Supreme Notary Service. Please send your commission number, expiration date, and commissioning state with your application.

Current Photo ID

You must hold a valid government-issued ID (with photo) to work with Supreme Notary Service.


At Supreme Notary Service we pride ourselves on customer service that is fast, friendly, professional, and reliable. As an independent contractor, you are expected to conduct yourself accordingly to provide the best experience possible to our clients across the country.

If you possess the following critical characteristics, we’d love to review your application to join our team! Please review the requirements below prior to filling out your application.

If you are…

  • Eligible (as defined by the Eligibility Section above),
  • Punctual,
  • Professional,
  • Friendly and conversational,
  • Experienced (at least __ years), and
  • Great with people even in stressful situations,

Then you’re invited to apply to join our network of over _____ mobile notaries!

Click the button to apply today or e-mail us at enroll@supremenotaryservice.com for any questions or concerns.